Solo Practice University’s Halloween Treat: Taking the Scary out of Social Media & the Law!

For many businesses and individuals Halloween conjures up visions of ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night.  It is a holiday where we celebrate our fear and go to great lengths to be scared.  Although lots of fun for that one day where everyone knows it is all make believe, there truly do exist things that make us stay up at night in fear – but the legal side of social media should not be one of them! 

Law2sm, LLC has three goals: to make businesses and individuals  aware of the legal issues related to social media, to provide resources to help protect and limit liability and risk in the digital space, and to keep the legal profession at the top of its game in this practice area.

We fulfill our last goal by offering seminars, leadership programs abroad*, articles and links, and CLE programs in connection with local, state, and national bar associations as well as other legal entities.  And today, we are pleased to announce our newest educational outreach to the legal community – I have been officially appointed as a Faculty member of Solo Practice University®, the “#1 web-based educational and professional networking community for solo lawyers and law students.” (

Beginning in November I will be providing three (3) 20-minute recording segments on different topics relating to social media and the law every month for a total of six (6) months.  The 18-session series will cover some of the most important issues a practicing attorney needs to know regarding social media and the law.  The sessions will cover concepts, best practices, strategies, case discussions, and more.  You’ll learn the legal theory as well as the practical applications of working with your clients in the digital space.

Some upcoming topics include:

  • Social Media Legal Profiles
  • Social Media & Online Disclaimers
  • E-Professionalism
  • Privacy & Social Media
  • Social Media & Employee Mishaps
  • Social Media Employee Policies
  • Badvocacy (Protecting Your Reputation & Your Client’s Legally)
  • Social Media & Intellectual Property Rights
  • Social Media in the Criminal System
  • Social Media & Family Law
  • Social Media & Regulated Industries (Compliance)

Now, considering the constantly changing and evolving digital landscape the courses may be modified and adapted to give you the most up-to-date information possible – so don’t forget to connect to my blog and Twitter® feed (@law2smdeborah).  Who knows what will happen next in the legal arena of the digital world.  Are you ready?  Join me at Solo Practice University® for an amazing educational adventure!

* Read about and apply for our Legal Leadership & Legacy Program in Antarctica!  Go to our website and click on the “Antarctica!” button.

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