NGBC: Social Media Workshop (September 12, 2011)

The North Georgia Business Connection ( along with Reformations Productions ( held a Social Media Workshop event on Monday, September 12, 2011 at Dave & Busters in Duluth, GA (  Law2sm’s founder, Deborah Gonzalez, was there presenting on Five Social Media Legal Myths every business person should know (

Deborah’s presentation laid out some key points regarding legal issues and social media including:

  • Make sure you have the right person with the right skills for the job – whether that is a social media management company or a social media lawyer;
  • Make sure to have a plan – what is your goal for using social media?  Is your use of social media in compliance with legal regulations or with industry standards and norms?
  • Make sure to invest the resources to protect your brand and your company’s reputation, online and off, through the use of trademarks, best practices , employee policies, and more.

Business professionals have a lot on their plates and they often wear more than just one hat (especially small business owners).  If you are going to use social media, get the right folks in place to help you, especially in the beginning.  It’s worth the investment.

Contact Law2sm now for a “Talk it Out Legal Chat Session”.  Only $225 for 60 minutes to go over your concerns about protecting your company’s brand and digital assets. We’ll go over your questions and look at recommended next steps to help you reach your goals legally and professionally.  Or request a Social Media Legal Audit ( – this comprehensive assessment reviews your current policies and social media presence to identify legal loopholes or gaps and what you can do to protect your business online.  Pricing is based on size and revenue of company.  Call now for more information 404-857-1331!

Rachel Bennet of Reformation Productions, Deborah Gonzalez of Law2sm, and Rob Donahue of NGBC.

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