Learn More Chat Session

Everyone knows about social media, right? Everyone’s on it. It’s the latest and greatest and we read, hear, and talk about it or on it throughout our work day and private time. But when someone puts “social media” and “law” together, eyebrows get raised and our attention gets piqued and “I never thought about that but…” The next response is usually “you must be so busy!” Guess some of those news articles come to mind about people being fired for social media gaffes and businesses trying to resolve a social media crisis.

Then the thinking turns inward as thoughts about protecting your reputation and your company’s value start lurking in your mind – what do I need to know? How can I avoid problems? Who can I talk to for more information?

You can talk to us. Sometimes you need a personal, one-on-one conversation to get those pesky, preliminary questions answered that are now pestering you and won’t let you be. You want to look someone in the face and/or hear a voice of experience. For most people, the minute the “law” comes into play it can be very scary stuff.

We are here to help YOU. Schedule a “Law2sm Learn More Chat Session” where we can go over some of the social media legal issues businesses need to be aware of, your concerns about this area, and what legal steps you and your business can take next to protect and prosper in the digital space. The fee is $275, 50% of which can be applied to any future service.

We begin by listening to YOU. You tell us your story, what’s going on, what you are concerned about. Then we will answer questions, share examples, discuss relevant cases and current events related to social media and specific to YOU. We will finish our conversation with some recommendations and strategies of next steps.

Sounds good? Ready to get some answers and understand more?