Law2sm’s Monthly Recap 07/01/16 – Stories Relating to Social Media & the Law


Welcome to our monthly recap of stories relating to Social Media and the Law. This month recap’s stories cover many issues including: things to add to a social media pre-nup; social media risk management; battle to put out social media fires; Tinder troll pleads guilty; emojis as corporate tools; Snapchat caught; do you need a social media will?; dark web marketplace; and more.

Enjoy the fireworks and be safe this weekend!

These are some of the articles, reports, posts, etc. that caught our attention this month. We originally send them out through our twitter account @law2sm, so follow us to get them as we find them. But many of them are such great resources we don’t want you to miss them, so we’ve decided to put them as a recap. Some have the links that will take you to their original sources, whether Mashable, Lexology, and/or others. For others you have to go to our Twitter handle @Law2sm to get. Enjoy and let us know some of the stories you’ve found interesting this time around. Just share in the comments below. Have a great week!

  • Divorce in the digital age – avoiding the pitfalls of social media | Lexology ‪ 
  • Looking forward to this: Lo And Behold: Reveries of the Connected World – Official Trailer
  • Alvin Toffler, Author of ‘Future Shock,’ Dies at 87
  • Conversations business leaders need to have about security
  • Data security trends in business, law ‪ 
  • Digital patch kit: How to protect yourself from data leaks
  • Visitors to the U.S. May Be Asked for Social Media Information
  • FTC closes 70 percent of data security investigations ‪ 
  • Put the Voir Dire Process to Work Before Choosing a Social Media “Expert” ‪ 
  • Legal Bits & Business Bytes Monthly Lunch-n-Learn ‪ 
  • 6 Things to Add to Your Social Media Prenup
  • FTC Settles Charges w Misleading Websites: Another Native Advertising Enforcement Action
  • Is Your Social Media Account Hackable? ‪ 
  • Social Media Risk Management: How to Evaluate your Liability Before it’s Too Late
  • Changes To YouTube Terms Of Service Target Harassment
  • For Charlotte employers, an uphill battle to put out social media fires
  • NM State Supreme Court warns judges to be careful on social media ‪ 
  • Executive Issues on Social Media
  • Intel Releases Research About the Digital Dangers of Staying Plugged In on Vacation ‪ 
  • Tinder troll pleads guilty to social media threats | The New Daily
  • My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring-Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
  • Taylor Swift & other big names join music industry’s campaign against YouTube ‪  ‪#copyright by ‪@anthonyha ‪@TechCrunch
  • Hands Off My Smiley Face: Emoji Become Corporate Tools
  • Champions of a Monster Polaroid Yield to the Digital World
  • 5 Steps To Securing Yourself From Online Identity Theft ‪ 
  • Millennials More Likely to Unplug While on Vacation (Infographic) ‪ 
  • Views on Encryption, Data Security Portrayal in TV Shows From ‘Mr. Robot’ Writer ‪ 
  • How Terrorists’ Use of Social Media Points to the Future ‪ 
  • Parliament considers hiring social media investigator to stop fanatics abusing MPs online in wake of Jo Cox murder
  • Snapchat forced to say sorry after getting caught using artists’ designs without permission
  • Social Media: Ethical, legal and practical challenges
  • Clients drop firm after lawyer uses Twitter to celebrate ‘win’ against parents of disabled children ‪ 
  • Beware, this ransomware is seeking to target your Smart TVs
  • Internet Security, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, AntiSpyware Quiz ‪ 
  • Attorney General offers summer tips for online safety and security
  • 5 Ways to Defuse Data Threat from Departing Employees – eSecurity Planet ‪ 
  • Negligence, not malice, the biggest threat to law firm data security
  • How citizen journalism can lead to cyber bullying ‪ 
  • How to Create Social Media that ‘Follows’ Compliance Rules ‪ 
  • Legal Insider: New Social Media Policy for Security Clearance Investigations ‪ 
  • TAG State of the Industry 2016 ‪ 
  • New Legislation Expands Stalking Laws, Adds Rules For Online Activity And Social Media
  • The Car Hacker’s Handbook digs into automotive data security ‪ 
  • Outrage as law firm takes to social media to boast of ‘great win’ over parents
  • Have We Reached a New Era for Digital Identity Management? ‪ 
  • NFL hires cybersecurity firm to teach players how to use social media
  • Creepy startup will help landlords, employers, online dates strip-mine intimate data from your FB page
  • The Creepy (and Totally Legal) Way Your Landlord Could Be Spying on You
  • Gawker’s General Counsel Takes On a Leadership Role
  • Ethiopia’s New Cybercrime Law Allows for More Efficient & Systematic Prosecution of Online Speech
  • For the Alt-Right, the Message Is in the Punctuation
  • A Russian Cybersleuth Battles the ‘Dark Ages’ of the Internet
  • Legal Advice Or PR Plan? A Pertinent Privilege Conundrum
  • North Carolina’s cyberbullying law violates First Amendment – Supreme Court
  • Do you need a social media will?
  • Ways to Protect Social Media Passwords From Hackers
  • Facebook Messenger flaw revealed – CSO ‪ 
  • Law2sm’s Recap 06/01/16 – Interesting Stories Related to Cyber-bullying ‪ 
  • Managing Online Risk’s Monthly Recap (May 2016) – Stories Relating to Online Security & Risk
  • People Style, Fashion e-Comm Site Busted for “Confusing” Native Ads
  • Stop the Bots From Killing Broadway
  • 100 million social media accounts hacked, up for sale on dark web marketplace ‪ 
  • Even ‘Dead’ Social Media Sites Are a Gold Mine for Hackers ‪ 
  • Even Mark Zuckerberg Got Hacked: Here’s a Basic Internet Security Mistake to Avoid
  • Summertime Security: 5 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi ‪ 
  • Law2sm’s Monthly Recap 06/01/16 – Stories Relating to Social Media & the Law ‪ 
  • When social media show-offs should have shut up – BBC News
  • Biometrics technology is reshaping the landscape of the security industry ‪ 
  • National Security in a Data Age ‪ 
  • Why legal departments begrudge the cloud
  • Apartment Building Attempts To Coerce Tenants Into Crazy Social Media Policy Post-Lease
  • How social media is disrupting the courts
  • How to actively prevent workplace cyber bullying & harassment ‪ 
  • Obama Administration Releases Final Data Security Policy Principles & Framework ‪ 
  • How to Protect Your Small Business as Cybersecurity Threats Rise
  • How to delete your smartphone data securely before selling your device
  • Millennials & Mobile Payments: What is the Price of Convenience?
  • Music World Bands Together Against YouTube, Seeking Change to Law
  • Law firm helps businesses navigate the confusing web of online sharing | LVB
  • The European Commission Wants You To Log Into Social Media Accounts With Govt-Issued ID Cards
  • Why celebrities get away with stealth shilling on Instagram ‪ 
  • Social Media Guide for Lawyers v. 3.0: LinkedIn for Lawyers
  • Most Americans Get Their News From Social Media
  • Spy Games Creator Issues Traveling Tips to Public ‪ 
  • Myth 8: data privacy & security law compliance is the provider’s responsibility ‪ 
  • 4 Effective Data Security Tips for Small Business ‪ 
  • Social Media’s Expanding Distribution of Internet Advertising Impacts Privacy and Security ‪ 
  • Laws Governing Data Security and Privacy – U.S. Jurisdictions at a Glance 2016
  • Going out of business: An important, but forgotten security precaution
  • Beyond Backup: The Role of Security and Privacy in Data Protection ‪ 
  • Data security is the most significant risk facing in-house counsel today ‪ 

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