Law2sm’s Monthly Recap 06/01/16 – Stories Relating to Social Media & the Law

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Welcome to our monthly recap of stories relating to Social Media and the Law. This month recap’s stories cover many issues including: the challenges of catching criminals on social media; how to properly disclose sponsored posts; fair use in the age of social media; can you legally own a hashtag; when YouTube pranks break the law; are you hiring robots yet; Facebook wins legal battle in China; how to wind down your practice; and more.

These are some of the articles, reports, posts, etc. that caught our attention this month. We originally send them out through our twitter account @law2sm, so follow us to get them as we find them. But many of them are such great resources we don’t want you to miss them, so we’ve decided to put them as a recap. Some have the links that will take you to their original sources, whether Mashable, Lexology, and/or others. For others you have to go to our Twitter handle @Law2sm to get. Enjoy and let us know some of the stories you’ve found interesting this time around. Just share in the comments below. Have a great week!

  • Circuits split on privacy rights for video views and third-party data sharing ‪ 
  • What Is the Future of Mobile App Development? – DZone Mobile
  • Australia to auction seized Bitcoins – CSO ‪ 
  • The Challenges of Catching Criminals on Social Media
  • Don’t Hand Our TVs Over to Google
  • Break Out the Chewbacca Mask and You Won’t Laugh Alone
  • The True Cost of Online Crime ‪ 
  • A How-To Guide for Properly Disclosing Your Sponsored Posts
  • Fair Use In The Age Of Social Media
  • The View From Up North: New Legal App Trolls Social Media For Evidence
  • ‘Bad-ass lawyer’ can’t sue over parody Twitter account, appeals court says ‪ 
  • ‘Super lawyers’ and ‘rising stars’ are warned about accolade advertising ‪ 
  • Social Media Compliance a Challenge for Enterprises
  • Social Media Guide for Lawyers v. 3.0: Facebook for Lawyers
  • Can you legally own a hashtag?
  • “Be Happy”; Not So Fast Says NLRB ‪ 
  • Clone Kimber new book: Legal Guidelines for Employers and Employees Dealing with CyberLaw Issues
  • Man gets 37 months in federal prison for intimidating witness on Facebook ‪ 
  • Vincent Gallo sues Facebook over claimed refusal to deactivate imposter’s account ‪ 
  • Judge OKs suit accusing Facebook of violating Illinois privacy law with its photo-tag technology ‪ 
  • Recommendations for Evaluating Your Organization’s Use of Social Media
  • What is Email Security? Data Protection 101
  • The role of online security insurance in business
  • Google Innovates Online Security Measure, No More Passwords By The End Of This Year
  • Revealed: How copyright law is being misused to remove material from the internet
  • How Should Companies Handle Data From Employees’ Wearable Devices?
  • When YouTube Pranks Break the Law
  • Five legal risks you have to know about if using social media to promote your business
  • Social Media: The Digital Footprint to Fraud ‪ 
  • Are YOU Hiring Robots Yet? | Global Sales Growth
  • Five Resources to Help You Deploy an Effective Mobile Security Strategy
  • ‪#PossibleWoman‪ Conference 2016 Recap: Dare to Win! @PossibleWoman (SPNSRD) 
  • Robots Learn How to Make Friends and Influence People ‪ 
  • White House Announces Initiative Focused on Artificial Intelligence ‪ 
  • Lessons for Stopping an Adult Cyberbully
  • IT’s not just technology, it’s about purpose and passion ‪#powtoonstevejobs
  • Facebook And The First Amendment: Legal Challenges To Trending Controversy May Prove Difficult
  • Facebook adds social media-savvy judge to its legal team
  • What HR Can Do About Cyberbullying in the Workplace ‪ 
  • Why a staggering number of Americans have stopped using the Internet the way they used to
  • Biometric data: security and ease negate passwords, but is it private?
  • Data security mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • Social Media Leads ‘Sextortion’ Channels
  • Social Media Posts Now Fair Game in Security Clearance Process
  • Does Social Media Help the Government-Citizen Relationship? Depends Who You Ask ‪ 
  • 4 PR and legal strategies and tactics to battle online defamation | PR Week ‪ 
  • How Social Media Has Become a Live Event Curator, Why Cannes is Less Crowded This Year
  • Think you don’t have a social media governance problem? Neither did this football player
  • How to protect your business from 5 big data security threats
  • Mobile Security Challenges: You’re Not Alone
  • Norm Pattis: Social Media is Changing Jury Dynamics
  • Mobile security updates are a mess. The FCC and FTC want to know why.
  • Facebook Wins Legal Battle In China, Won’t Have To Share Name With Canned Food
  • How revenge porn sites rely on legal loopholes and anonymity
  • When Twitter Cut Off The US Intelligence Community: Social Media And Surveillance
  • Police Facebook pages catching on as way to catch criminals
  • How to Properly Wind Down Your Practice ‪ 
  • Social Media Crisis Management: How to Prepare and Execute a Plan
  • Best Practices for Social Media Archiving ‪ 
  • What Disclosures? A Look at Advertising in Disguise
  • Social Media: Things You Might Not Have Thought About
  • Russian Hacker Trades Millions of Stolen Records for Social Media Likes
  • 7 Password Experts on How to Lock Down Your Online Security
  • Lessons from eMerge: The Communication Decency Act, A Tool Against Cyberbullying ‪ 
  • FFIEC Releases Guidance on Risk Management for Mobile Financial Services ‪ 
  • We Tested 50+ Free Security Tools so You can Use Them for Your Online Protection
  • Warning issued over fake online ads for puppies and kittens
  • A Litigator’s Take on Juries in the Age of Social Media
  • Social Media Defamation: the ‪#creeper decision
  • 15 Reasons Why Clients Pay Us More than LegalZoom ‪@SparksLawyer ‪ 
  • Building the Case for Law Firm Data Security (Infographic)
  • The Digital Download – Alston & Bird’s Privacy & Data Security Newsletter
  • Analytics, Predictive Insight and Agility Can Stop Data Breaches Before They Begin
  • Two Sigma’s David Siegel Worries About Robots Taking Over ‪#IoUCRobots
  • IoUC’s Monthly Recap (Apr. 2016) – Stories Relating to the Internet of Unintended Consequences ‪ 
  • Managing Online Risk’s Monthly Recap (Apr. 2016) – Stories Relating to Online Security & Risk
  • Law2sm Monthly Recap: Social Media & the Law 5/1/16 ‪ 
  • 5 Things to Avoid When Putting Your Company on Social Media
  • Cybersecurity Insurance: Facing Hidden Risks and Uncertainty
  • Using freedom of speech in social media age ‪ 
  • School Surveillance of Student Social Media Raises Privacy Concerns
  • Technology in Focus: Monetizing the Internet of Security Things ‪ 
  • Craft a winning risk assessment analysis in five steps

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