July 1: International Joke Day: 10 Joke Tweets

International Joke Day.  Sounds like fun and a good excuse to do another round of entertaining tweets.  I’m usually not a good joke teller – I start laughing before I get to the punch line.  So hopefully, tweeting the joke will work better.  Or maybe not.  Let me know if I made you laugh.

  1. Wikipedia says: A joke is something spoken, written, or done with humorous intention.  What if its not humorous?  Does humorous mean funny?
  2. How many synonyms can you come up with for “joke”?  Wisecrack, quip, jest, witticism, prank, gag, anecdote, yarn, I’ve run out of letters!
  3. First “recognized” joke: a 1900 BC Sumer “fart” joke; according to research by Dr Paul McDonald of the University of Wolverhampton.  Really?
  4. Did you know jokes have a purpose?  To entertain, teach a life lesson, offer criticism through satire, show cleverness,  relieve anxiousness
  5. I am a lawyer,  People love lawyer jokes.  It started with Shakespeare.  He wrote “kill all the lawyers.”  I’m afraid he wasn’t joking.  🙁
  6. You are stranded on a desert island w Hitler, Attila, & a lawyer. You have a gun w only 2 bullets, what do you do? A: Shoot the lawyer 2x.
  7. Question: What’s the problem with lawyer jokes?  Answer: Lawyer’s don’t think they’re funny, and no one else thinks they’re jokes. True?!
  8. Kokopelli, humpbacked flute player, the Hopi god of fertility, replenishment, music, dance, & mischief. Storyteller for the past 3000 yrs
  9. Is a fool a jokester? Can we celebrate April Fool’s Day today too? Why not? The 100 top hoaxes. Are they humorous? Hmm http://www.museumofhoaxes.com/hoax/aprilfool/
  10. There are many collections of jokes on the web.  Just Google “joke.” Do you have a favorite?  Share it and see how many laughs you get back.

Doing a bit of research it was interesting to notice the cultural differences of what one society considers funny or not.  Don’t forget you need to be careful here – this can be treacherous territory if you run into someone without a sense of humor, or you go too far.  Can you remember a joke gone bad?

But putting that aside, share a joke.  And if you have any lawyer jokes – pass the, on.  I’m sure I’ve heard them all, but you never know.  Clean fun though – non-offensive.

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