Digital/Social Media Self Defense

Title Author Information
Civility in the Digital Age: How Companies and People Can Triumph over Haters, Trolls, Bullies, and Other Jerks Andrea Wecklerle

Pearson education, 2013

Andrea Weckerle on Twitter:


New Domain Author Interview:

Hate Crimes in  CyberSpace Danielle Keats Citron

Harvard University Press, 2014

Harvard Press:

Danielle Citron Author Website:

The Guardian Book Review:

Salon Author Interview:

Gawker Q&A with Citron:


So You’ve Been   Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson

Riverhead Books, 2015

Author Official Page:

NY Times Book Review:

Author Book Website:

The Guardian Book Review:

PBS Newshour Interview:


BIFF: Quick Responses    to High Conflict People,    Their Personal Attacks, Hostile   Email and Social Media Meltdowns Bill Eddy, LCSW, ESQ

Unhooked Books, 2011

High Conflict Institute:

BIFF Website:

Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust Chris Brogan

Julien Smith

John Wiley & Sons, 2010

Chris Brogan Website:

Book Review:

Interview w/Chris Brogan:

Google Bomb: The Untold Story of the $11.3M Verdict that Changed the Way We Use the Internet Sue Scheff

HCI, 2009


Book Website:

Sue Scheff Website:

Huffington Post Scheff Page:

The   Offensive Internet: Speech, Privacy, and Reputation Saul Levmore

Harvard University Press, 2012

EIA Book Review:

The Guardian Book Review:

YouTube Interview:

The Reputation Society:    How Online Opinions    Are Reshaping  the Offline World (The Information Society Series) Hassam Masum (Editor)

MIT Press, 2015

Author Webpage:

Book Review:

Confronting the Internet’s Dark Side: Moral and Social Responsibility on the Free Highway Raphael Cohen-Almagor

Cambridge University Press, 2015

Book Review:


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Mapping the Relationship between Online Trolling and Mainstream Culture Whitney Phillips

MIT Press, 2015

Book Review:

Book Review:

Book Review:

Book Review:

Reading the Comments: Likers, Haters, and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web Joseph M Reagle, Jr.

MIT Press, 2015


Author Website:

The Guardian Book Review:

Author Interview:

Misbehavior in Cyber Places: The Regulation    of Online Conduct in Virtual Communities on the Internet Janet Sternberg

UPA, 2012

Author Article:

Huff Post Review:

Regulating Speech in Cyberspace: Gatekeepers, Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility Emily B. Laidlaw

Cambridge University Press, 2015


Cambridge Book Site:


Being Digital Citizens Engin Isin and Evelyn Ruppert

Rowman & Littlefield, 2015

Book Review:


Business Cyberbullies and How To Fight Back Debbie Elicksen

Self Counsel Press, 2015

Author Website:


Media   Circus: A Look at Private Tragedy in  the Public  Eye Kim Goldman

BenBella Books, 2015


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