Law2sm, LLC is a movement – bringing to digital light the importance of awareness in regards to social media and the law. We help YOU navigate the legal issues in the digital and social media world by providing guidance, tools, resources, and knowledge YOU can use NOW.

We have three goals:

  1. Make the public aware that legal issues do exist with social media – from privacy to employment termination, from creative theft to identity theft, from corporate espionage to cyber-bullying, from reputation control to digital asset management, and everything in between.
  2. Provide resources to help clients reduce risk and liability – we do not say “No – don’t do social media.” We say “Yes, with the right protection and legal strategies.”
  3. Keep the legal profession at the top of its game with fulfilling client needs – including the physical, the tangible, and the digital.

The best way we fulfill our goals is by helping YOU achieve yours in regards to being socially legal. Contact us today and let’s start a conversation on how Law2sm can meet YOUR needs.

Deborah Gonzalez, Esq., is an attorney and the founder of Law2sm, LLC. She is also the co-developer of the Digital Risk Assessment ™ tool that assists a company to ensure that their online activity is in line with state laws, federal laws, and regulatory compliance in partnership with DigitalRCP (www.digitalrcp.com).

She is a sought after speaker, content contributor, and news commentator. Deborah’s legal practice focuses on intellectual property, new media law (including social), and digital technology. She is the author of two Elsevier books: “Managing Online Risk: Apps, Mobile and Social Media Security” and “Online Security for the Business Traveler” both available on Amazon.com and Elsevier.com. Deborah is active on Twitter and you can follow her at @DGOnlineSec and @Law2sm or connect with her on LinkedIn.