Understanding the “Digital Risks” of Doing Business in Today’s Socially-Connected, Online World

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Yesterday I participated in a conversation with my good friend (and colleague) Eric Cook of WSI Consulting.  In full disclosure, Eric and I have started a new partnership “Digital Risk and Compliance Partners” (DigitalRCP). The topic was “Understanding the “Digital Risks” of Doing Business in Today’s Socially-Connected, Online World” and I outlined 7 specific risks we all need to be aware of – some may have seemed obvious, but others came as a surprise for a few participants.

You can access the recording of the webinar on Eric’s Free Webinar Wednesday Website. Enjoy and join the conversation – what digital risks are you experiencing with your business?


Webinar Description:

Chances are your business has a website, a Facebook page and may even be using Twitter or encouraging employees to engage and connect on LinkedIn. Chances are these same employees are using their own mobile devices to use social media for personal use, but if they have access to business information (like company email, account information or even confidential client details) they may be un-knowingly putting your business at risk. And what about when someone applies for a job at your company? Do you go out and “check ’em out” on social media to see what they really are like before you grant an interview?

Let’s face it, doing business “digitally” these days is not something that can be ignored, but it’s a good idea to take a step back and understand what some of the risks are in this always-connected, socially-networked world. With us this week to lead the conversation about this very issue will be Deborah Gonzalez, Esq., founder of Law2sm, LLC, a legal consulting firm focusing on helping its clients navigate the legal and security issues relating to the new digital and social media world. She is also the co-founder of DitigalRCP, the creators of the Digital Risk Assessment™ tool that assists a company to ensure that their online activity is in line with state laws, federal laws, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, she’s the author of Managing Online Risk, a book focused on helping readers understand the risks of apps, mobile devices and social media security.

Whether you’re a business owner yourself or a consultant that serves clients with digital services, this is a show that you’ll want to attend to help gain a better understanding of where risks may exist. You can then devise a plan to mitigate the risks and ensure that you’re prepared.

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