Law2sm’s Recap 07/01/16 – Interesting Stories Related to Cyber-bullying

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Welcome to our monthly recap of interesting stories relating to Cyber-bullying. These stories cover many issues including: parent tips on cyberbullying, online predators, & privacy; YouTube TOS targets harassment; no simple solution for cyber-bullying; cyber-bullying & recent suicides; and more.

Hope you had a safe and fun Fourth of July!

These are some of the articles, reports, posts, etc. that caught our attention this past month. We originally send them out through our twitter account @l2cyberbullying, so follow us to get them as we find them. Some of the links below can only be accessed by our Twitter handle. But many of them are such great resources we don’t want you to miss them, so we’ve decided to put them as a recap. Enjoy and let us know some of the stories you’ve found interesting. Just share in the comments below.

  • Teenagers who are bullied and their bullies are at risk of suicides, warns AAP report ‪ 
  • Parents Tips: Cyberbullying, Online Predators & Privacy ⋆
  • Legal Bits & Business Bytes Monthly Lunch-n-Learn ‪ 
  • Changes To YouTube Terms Of Service Target Harassment
  • Cyber Violence against Women and Girls: A World-Wide Wake-Up Call ‪ 
  • As number of social apps grows, so does need to battle cyberbullying | KVAL
  • Do you know if your child is being cyberbullied? ‪ 
  • Facebook leads the way against cyberbullying, but others need to follow
  • Editorial: Pain of cyberbullying is all too real
  • How citizen journalism can lead to cyber bullying ‪ 
  • New Legislation Expands Stalking Laws, Adds Rules For Online Activity And Social Media
  • Facebook’s Suicide Prevention tool to offer support to at-risk users – National
  • Cyberbullying: So you’ve become a meme – National – NZ Herald News
  • No simple solution for cyberbullying as social media changes – Times Union
  • Cyberbullying: 11-Year-Old Falls Victim to Offline and Online Bullying in Virginia ‪ 
  • A Nude Snapchat Video and Cyberbullying Lead to Teen’s Suicide
  • North Carolina’s cyberbullying law violates First Amendment – Supreme Court
  • Technological Advancement And The Dawn Of The Cyber Bully
  • 10 Ways to Protect Social Media Passwords From Hackers
  • Law2sm’s Recap 06/01/16 – Interesting Stories Related to Cyber-bullying ‪ 
  • How to actively prevent workplace cyber bullying & harassment ‪ 
  • ‘This Was Louise’s Phone’ website shows harsh realities of cyberbullying | The Daily Dot ‪ 
  • New Laws To Prevent Bullying In Missouri
  • Google, censor agencies train pupils on Internet safety – The Nation Nigeria
  • ‘No one listened’: Teen dies by suicide after months of cyberbullying | ‪ 


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